Discover Elegance in Every Stitch: Yewen's wedding dresses Collection | Elegant Maternity Dress for Photo Shoot Strapless Slit Tulle Wedding Evening Maxi Dress with 2M Train

At Yewen, we understand that a wedding dress is more than just a garment—it is a symbol of love, commitment, and the start of a new journey. That is why we dedicate ourselves to crafting dresses that not only embody beauty but also resonate with the personal stories of the brides who wear them. 

Celebrating Motherhood with Style 

Embracing the unique glow of motherhood, our maternity wedding dresses are designed to offer comfort without compromising on elegance. We believe every expectant bride deserves to look and feel her best on her special day. That's why our gowns feature flexible fits and soft fabrics that adapt gracefully to changing silhouettes. 

Unveiling Elegance: The Strapless Backless Slit Tulle Wedding Evening Maxi Dress 

Our Strapless Backless Slit Tulle Wedding Evening Maxi Dress is the epitome of our design philosophy. Meticulously crafted, this dress features a strapless bodice adorned with golden embroidery, imparting a regal touch to the light blue hue that whispers the promise of eternal love. 

The Craft of Luxury Wedding Dress Design 

In our atelier, every stitch is a testament to luxury. The selection of premium fabrics, combined with the artistry of embroidery, sets the foundation for a wedding dress that's nothing short of a masterpiece. The silhouette of our gowns, from form-fitting bodices to flowing skirts, is designed to celebrate the bride in her most radiant moment. 

The Palette of Matrimony: Choosing the Perfect Colour 

Colour is a language that speaks volumes about a bride's personality and style. Our light blue Strapless Backless Slit Tulle Wedding Evening Maxi Dress offers a modern twist to the traditional white, symbolising tranquilly and sophistication. We guide our brides through a spectrum of colour choices, ensuring their dress reflects their innermost desires. 

Accentuating Beauty: Accessories for the Big Day 

The perfect dress deserves the perfect accessories. At Yewen, we curate a selection of jewellery, veils, and shoes to complement our wedding dresses. Whether it's a diamond tiara or a delicate pearl necklace, we help our brides select accessories that will highlight their natural beauty and the intricate details of their gown. 

Tailored for Perfection: Customising Your Wedding Dress 

At Yewen, we celebrate the uniqueness of each bride with our bespoke dress service. Our tailors are adept at fine-tuning every aspect of the gown—from the neckline down to the hem—to ensure a fit that feels personally sculpted. We also offer a palette of custom colours to match the wedding theme or to fulfil a bride's dream. 

The Bridal Gown Journey: A Guide to Shopping 

We understand that finding the perfect wedding dress is a journey that begins long before stepping into our boutique. We advise starting the search at least six months prior to the wedding, allowing us ample time to perfect every detail. Our bridal consultants are here to guide you from the initial selection to the final fitting, ensuring a process as memorable as the day itself. 

The Grandeur of the Train: Transforming Your Walk Down the Aisle 

A wedding train is not just a traditional element; it's a statement of style and grace. Our Strapless Backless Slit Tulle Wedding Evening Maxi Dress features a cascading tulle train that adds an ethereal quality to the bride's every step. Whether sweeping or subtle, a train can add a touch of majesty to the bridal ensemble. 

Venue Versatility: The Perfect Dress for Any Setting 

Whether you're exchanging vows on a sun-kissed beach or in a grand, candle-lit hall, the setting of your wedding can influence the style of your dress. Our collection includes versatile designs that honour the ambiance of your chosen venue. From breezy gowns perfect for a seaside ceremony to opulent dresses that command the halls of a formal event, we have a dress for every backdrop. 

Yewen's Hall of Fame: Best-Selling Wedding Dresses 

Our best-selling wedding dresses are a testament to our brand's legacy of elegance and design. These beloved gowns have captured the hearts of brides with their timeless appeal and exquisite craftsmanship. They are not just garments but cherished keepsakes that represent the most joyful moments of our brides' lives. 

Fresh from the Atelier: New Arrivals in Bridal Fashion 

Staying ahead of the trends while honouring the timeless nature of bridal fashion is what sets Yewen apart. Our new arrivals bring innovative designs to the forefront, featuring contemporary cuts, unique embellishments, and the latest in fabric technology. We invite our brides to explore these fresh additions to find a gown that speaks to the future of their love story. 

Simplifying Your Purchase: Payment and Customer Care 

Yewen not only offers a diverse array of breathtaking wedding dresses but also ensures that your purchasing experience is seamless and secure. With a variety of payment options, we make it convenient to claim the dress of your dreams. Our customer service team is dedicated to providing you with personalised care and supporting you at every step, from inquiry to after-sale service. 

Embracing Your Dream Dress 

We at Yewen believe that choosing your wedding dress is a journey that should be cherished. It's an expression of your personal narrative and the love you share with your partner. We encourage every bride to embrace her individuality, to select a dress that reflects her essence, and to step into her wedding day with confidence and joy. 
In the sea of choices, your dream dress is waiting at Yewen—where every stitch is a promise of the future and every gown is a canvas for your love story to unfold. 
Our Strapless Backless Slit Tulle Wedding Evening Maxi Dress is a beacon of our commitment to excellence and a prime example of what our future collections aspire to embody. The golden embroidery on the bodice, akin to the craftsmanship of a seasoned artisan, represents the meticulous attention we pay to every detail. The light blue tulle, cascading with grace, is our canvas, where we paint our bride's dreams. 
Navigating through the myriad of styles, one may wonder how to make a choice that truly resonates. We, the artisans at Yewen, are here to guide you through this process. Think of us as the custodians of your bridal vision, entrusted with the task of bringing it to life. From the moment you step into our world, we are committed to understanding your preferences and your dreams and translating them into a dress that speaks volumes about your unique story. 
Moreover, we believe the journey towards selecting your wedding dress should be as enchanting as the day you walk down the aisle. It is not merely about the dress, but the experience of finding it. Our boutiques are sanctuaries where future brides can revel in the anticipation of their big day, surrounded by the beauty of our creations and supported by the expertise of our consultants. 
For inquiries about our bridal collection or to schedule a private consultation, we invite you to contact us on #Whatsapp at +12817453752 or at Our team is ready to provide you with a bespoke shopping experience tailored to your needs and desires. Allow us the honour of being a part of your wedding story, to dress you in elegance, and to celebrate the love that has brought you to this momentous day in your life.